Photography For Film

The very roots of film and television are in photography. In 1877, Thomas Edison invented the motion picture camera. This camera took a long succession of still photographic images. Edison motion picture projector turned these sequential images into moving pictures and from this, the motion picture industry was born. Photography had remained the foundation of the motion picture industry through the ages. Even the first special effects were done through manipulating photographic images. This special effects process was utilized for over 100 years in the film industry. In this digital age, photography and still photography remain essential elements in this industry.

Classroom and real life, real world, working experience. The Photography for Film course is “focused” on the role of the still photographer and their roles pre-production, throughout story boarding, on set and in the marketing and promotion of completed projects.

This course goes beyond the basics teaching photographers to use various types of available and existing set lighting to lend more authenticity to their set images, the shots they need to take, how to get these shots and even more importantly, how to blend in on set and not to get in the way. The essentials for marketing and promotional photography, the money shots and how to set them up.

This course also covers the various digital photographic editing software programs and how to use them to deliver eye catching, “money” shots.

Since all of these skills, anilities and experience are worthless without the business acumen to put them to work, this course also teaches the business side of being a photographer and provides students with a real and tangible foundation to build their photographic business on even while still enrolled in this course.

This course teaches photographers the difference between “taking” photos and “making” photos and how to be a true photographer versus just a person with a fancy camera.

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