Working Labs

PFIFI Working Labs are laser focused labs that provide real world, real working education and experience in real world projects.

Working Labs are specific to their industry segment and each working lab includes new and experienced students working together with industry professionals and mentors in that specific segment.

Often times the focus is on providing the same general education to everyone in a program. The student that has a passion for lighting and the student who has a passion for sound are receiving the same instruction as the student that has a passion for film making an the student who has a passion for editing. Though that instruction will include lighting, sound, camera work, editing, film making and other disciplines, it is generalized to be inclusive of all interests and disciplines.

Working Labs are different. Students that are passionate about lighting certainly need to have an understanding of camera work and even editing. PBIFI Working Labs provide discipline specific training and experience. For example, in a Lighting Working Lab, students will learn specifically how to be a lighting professional. They won’t waste time on things that do not relate to them becoming a great lighting professional. The same goes for all of PBIBI discipline specific working labs.

Each working lab is set up as it’s own working module and that working lab module will work hands on through participation in Col-Labs and other working productions.